Spad Bank launches fintech app Sigma for his centralized wallet

Spad Bank launched its centralized wallet “Sigma” service that kick-started the “cash to mobile payment” transition, revolutionizing the entire payment industry, and enabling any payment to be completed with a simple scan.

Merchants can now accept payment either by scanning the one-time QR code generated in the customer’s Sigma app or by asking the customer to scan the merchant’s static QR code, which will have been requested in advance and pre-approved by Spad Bank. The customer will then verify the payee and payment amount before completing the payment with a preset authentication method such as face ID, fingerprint, or passcode. The entire process can be completed in seconds.

“Sigma will become a super app by including mini programs, offering a wide variety of services, within their own app.” Ch. Dr. Sophat Chann said.

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